Inspire the Valley 2019

You are a generous community!

This year, our family took on a new and exciting challenge: spent the week before Easter pouring into our community with tangible acts of love. Starting in January, teams of volunteers planned the events that became Inspire the Valley 2019. With Inspire the Valley and Easter weekend now in our rearview, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on all that was accomplished, and thank you for the incredible support everyone showed by giving their time and resources. 

Here are just a few things that your generosity allowed to happen:

  • Goal for offering was $5,000—together we raised $4,300

  • 84 First Responders received thank you cards from our Awaken Kids

  • 25 Families received a week's worth of groceries

  • 50+ children & adults were blessed by our neighborhood block party

  • 20+ people were prayed for and encountered Jesus during our Treasure Hunt

  • 450+ people attended our Easter Bash

  • 90+ volunteers made Inspire The Valley possible

  • 17+ people responded Sunday morning to God's Mercy (salvation)

  • 525 total people attended Awaken on Easter Sunday, which was a new record and the highest ever attendance in the history of the church

Even more than these stats, your investment in Inspire the Valley and our Easter events allowed us to reach our community with the Father’s love. Thank you again, Awaken Church for your generous hearts. It is an honor to serve with you.